buy rechargeable stun guns for women Non Lethal Personal Safety Devices For Urban Women

Details how women can use urban safety devices such as stun guns, defensive sprays and personal alarms to safeguard against being victimized. Urban Survival Kit $51 With Discount Code | Urban Safety Solutions

The Talon comes with a charging cord to recharge the stun gun and flashlight. It uses nickel cadmium rechargeable batteries. Specifications: 4.7 milliamps … ZAP™ Stun Cane with Flashlight | Urban Safety Solutions

This stun walking cane also comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. … NOTE: PLEASE CHARGE STUN GUN FOR 8 HOURS when you receive it. Hot Shot stun gun with flashlight and Battery Meter Black $29.75 …

The built-in rechargeable battery is charged using the included USB cable. The Hot Shot uses a new cutting-edge micro-technology to deliver super powered … Urban Safety Solutions Personal Safety Alarm Kit | Urban Safety …

This urban female self-defense kit comprises a personal safety alarm, stun gun, pepper spray, door stop alarm, and tactical flashlight. ZAP Blast Knuckles Extreme Stun Gun | Urban Safety Solutions

Blast Knuckles Extreme ? 950,000 Volt is a shocking high voltage stun gun that provides you with an easy way to protect yourself while on the go. The rubberized … Shop | Urban Safety Solutions

Personal Alarms (12); Safety Lights (3); Security Scanners (5); Self Defense Keychain (2); Stun Guns (25). Cell Phone (1); Flashlight/Stun Batons (6) … Mace | Urban Safety Solutions

Rated 0 out of 5. $43.00; Runt Rechargeable Stun Gun With Flashlight And Wrist Strap Disable Pin. Rated 0 out of 5. $25.00; Talon Stun Gun and Flashlight. Spike Stun Gun | Urban Safety Solutions

4.7 milliamps; 4 1/4″ long x 1 5/8″ wide x 1″ wide; 20,000,000 volts; Rechargeable with USB; Safety Switch and Light. WildFire™ 1.4% MC Lipstick Pepper Spray Silver | Urban Safety …

WildFire™ lipstick pepper spray is a 1.4% Major Capsaicinoids pepper spray. The WildFire pepper spray is hot, … This lipstick model is designed for women.

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